Terms and Conditions of Hire

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Safety Guidelines

Equipment must be supervised by a responsible adult (18+) at all times.

In the event of rainfall, the rain covers will provide a level of protection. However, the equipment should not be used during heavy rainfall as the surfaces will become very slippery. The surfaces should be dried thoroughly before any further use after the rain has stopped.

In the rare event that the delivery driver is late in returning to pick up the equipment, the hirer will be held responsible for the safe keeping of all equipment until the items are collected.

When hiring an inflatable from Jumping Bee Bouncy Castles, we will provide a high quality unit and in return we expect the customer to follow reasonable safety guidelines when using the inflatable to ensure that there are no accidents or problems.

On consideration of the hire fee, the owner agrees to hire the unit and the hirer agrees to rent the equipment listed , for the period of time detailed, strictly under the rules and conditions outlined below.

Please read these rules and conditions very carefully and thoroughly as they are they are very important to ensure the safety of the children in your care.

  • Inflatable should be erected on a flat surface, free from sharp or rough objects. There should be a minimum of 1 metre (approx. 3') space on all sides of the inflatable. Our delivery staff will install the inflatable for you.

  • The generator/Air blower will be placed so as not to cause an obstruction or trip hazard. Children should not be allowed around the location of the generator/air blower. Never switch the blower on and off whilst the inflatable is in use.

  • Inflatables are fixed to the ground using metal pegs or sandbags and these can be a trip hazard therefore care should be taken in these areas. Occasionally check that the inflatable is still securely pegged down.

  • Once installed inflatable should not be moved.

  • Do not enter the inflatable until it is fully inflated.

  • Children are not allowed to bounce on the front safety step. The step is to assist users in getting on/off safely.

  • All shoes and spectacles must be removed before entering inflatable. Please ensure no sharp objects are taken on to the inflatable.

  • No eating, drinking or chewing food or sweets of description.

  • No party poppers, coloured streamers or silly string, as they can stain.
  • No climbing, hanging on or sitting on the walls or the rain covers.

  • No pushing or colliding with each other due to misbehaviour or overcrowding.
  • Our Inflatables are designed for children up to the age of 11 years old. Adults are not allowed to use any equipment unless stated.

  • Children spectating or waiting to enter should stay clear of the very front of the inflatable.

  • Smoking should not be permitted in or around the inflatable.

  • to be allowed on the inflatable.No pets

  • The electric generator/air blower and power connections should either be covered or under shelter in the event of rain showers.

  • Do not allow too many participants on the inflatable at once (max 6 children at any one time).

  • Small children should not be on the inflatable with larger children at the same time.

  • If any person suffers with back or neck problems they should not use the inflatables.

  • If the inflatable fails for whatever reason, evacuate immediately to prevent injury.

  • In the event of damage to the inflatable due to inappropriate use or malicious acts the hirer will be responsible for the full cost of any repairs needed.

  • Jumping Bee Bouncy Castles holds Public Liability Insurance, which indemnifies the company and not the hirer. We shall ensure that our equipment is properly maintained and erected in a safe and proper manner. We shall also give a copy of the rules to the hirer who will sign and return a second copy to the company on delivery.

  • It is the responsibility of the hirer to follow these rules and ensure that there is satisfactory adult supervision while the equipment is being used.

  • Should the hirer wish to take out additional Public Liability Insurance it may be available through the insurance company used for your home insurance, for the period of hire.

  • Underground services (gas/electricity/water).Please ensure the proposed operating site for the equipment is clear of any obstacles that may prove to be a hazard for the safe operation of the equipment and clear of any

Bouncy castles are great fun but safety of the user is paramount - Please be vigilant and ensure children are supervised at all times.

Weather Warning

Once the hirer has accepted and signed for the inflatable equipment, the owner cannot be held responsible for inclement weather. Good quality rain covers are supplied with most of our bouncy castles, but in the case of persistent rain over a long period of time, possibly mixed with some wind, the inflatable will get wet on the inside to varying degrees. No refunds or part rebates will be given. It must also be Essext to your attention that it could be dangerous to use an inflatable in persistent rain due to the slippery surface.